Twisted Tales at Shoreditch House

Let’s not mess around… here at The London Lightbox Halloween is our favourite weekend of the party year.


This year, our highlight of the gruesomely spooktastic celebrations was Twisted Tales thrown by our East London neighbours Shoreditch House (with a helping hand from Bacardi, of course!).


We set up early and meant to stay right through all the witching hours to the dead end.  The Obscura’s sleek design made it possible to set up in one fabulously decorated room then follow the party as the night wore on. 

The London Lightbox Shoreditch House Photo Booth Photobooth Halloween Party Soho House

Unruly - The Modern, Rulebook-Free Wedding Show

‘Unruly is rulebook-free wedding event for modern, stylish and cool couples who want to break tradition and make their own rules.’ – So, obviously we were part of it!

The London Lightbox Shoreditch Photo booth Photobooth Wedding Fair Unruly London


Meeting the prospective couples in Shoreditch’s JJ Winbourne Studios in a set beautifully created by Grace and Thorn, we truly felt like we were showcasing our Obscura – the rule book free photo booth - to the modern and the stylish!


Pastel pink Obscura skin with a duck egg blue printer box slotted right in the minimal white space filled with Grace and Thorn’s signature fresh floral perspective.


The London Lightbox Photo Booth Photobooth Wedding Unruly


Check out Revelry, who ran the show with cool calm, if you’re looking for a wedding planner! 

MiPic Brick Lane pop-up party

Last week MiPic launched their app and showed East London what they got in their pop-up store in Truman Brewery. With MiPic graphics, four-shot prints and instant pic uploads, the Obscura was the perfect addition to create a social buzz for this tech start-up's VIPlaunch party!

The London Lightbox Brick Lane Pop-up Shoreditch photobooth

There was a great atmosphere throughout the night with almost 200 attendants varying from investors, friends, family and influencers, and some TV stars turning heads throughout the evening! And, even if we say so ourselves, the Obscura looked mighty fine!

The London Lightbox Brick Lane Pop-up Shoreditch photobooth iPhone

Have a look at some of the snaps taken with the Obscura! And check out this amazing backdrop created from hundreds of iPhones. 

Good vibes only as the attendees entertained themselves with the Obscura.

London Marathon 2017 Heads Together

The London Marathon 2017 the royal foundation heads together the royal society the London Lightbox photobooth

This Sunday we were at The Royal Society where the Charity of the Year for the 2017 Heads Together asked us to capture all the emotions after the 2017 London Marathon.  The event was attended by a list of celebs and sports personalities, and by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry, the charity’s patrons.

thelondonlightbox heads together photobooth royal foundation london marathon 2017 Prince William Prince Harry Kate Middleton Principles
 Our in-house design team worked closely with Heads Together to create a custom print design combining their colours and logos to combine with the wider campaign.

Our in-house design team worked closely with Heads Together to create a custom print design combining their colours and logos to combine with the wider campaign.

thelondonlightbox heads together photobooth royal foundation london marathon 2017 Prince William Prince Harry Kate Middleton Principles
thelondonlightbox heads together photobooth royal foundation london marathon 2017 Prince William Prince Harry Kate Middleton Principles


Along with massage therapists for the Heads Together marathon runners, a freshen up area sponsored by unilever, a cool down session post marathon, tasty food and snacks for the tired runners; The Obscura was also involved to capture the fun and spread the joy on social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to increase social impact with pre-made hashtags built into the instant Twitter and Facebook uploads and caption tips for photos sent by email to be uploaded later. Check out our Twitter page to see some of the fun snaps and celeb Obscura users!

Fresh Designers, East London Cool Kids and an Obscura...

The Obscura found itself amongst designers, press and all the cool kids for this original charity experience. In the uber-urban Hoxton Arches, as part of a pop-up exhibition, Everpress partnered with fifty of the freshest artists from around the world to create a collection of bespoke t-shirts: fifty artists, fifty t-shirts, with fifty percent of the proceeds being donated to the Young Adult Cancer Support Charity - Trekstock

 Quirky original bespoke backdrop designed by East London illustrator  Josh McKenna  combined with the Steel skin Obscura captured the evening’s antics with effortless cool.

Quirky original bespoke backdrop designed by East London illustrator Josh McKenna combined with the Steel skin Obscura captured the evening’s antics with effortless cool.

The London Lightbox Photobooth The Obscura Hoxton Arches Shoreditch Photo Booth

Everpress The London Lightbox Photo Booth

To launch the collection, attendees were able to capture the moment on the Obscura and share the amazing time they were having at the event through the event hashtags - thus promoting Trekstock and the campaign.

The London Lightbox Photo Booth Hoxton Shoreditch
The London Lightbox Hoxton Arches Everpress Photobooth Photo Booth

2017 BAFTA Film Gala

This weekend saw the BAFTA awards and anticipating the British Academy Film Awards was the third annual Film Gala at 195 Piccadilly.  

Hosted by Radio One’s Greg James and including attendees such as Tom Ford and two time BAFTA winner Colin Firth. Experiencing an unforgettable evening in the company of leading and breakthrough talent from the worlds of film and television.

At the film Gala supported by Emily Blunt and former mentioned Colin Firth, The Obscura was there as entertainment for the exclusive members and generous donors to the worthy BAFTA charity. Instantly sharing GIFs and photos online and for the guests to print as gala memorabilia. 

The London Lightbox Photobooth Bafta.gif
The London Lightbox Photobooth Bafta

Showtime at Leon Restaurant's opening. The all-singing all-dancing at Shafetsbury Avenue's fast food chain

Located on London’s showbiz hub Shaftesbury Avenue, fast food chain Leon had their grand opening, unlike any other.  The London Lightbox was asked to document the event and add to the social media buzz for the opening party.


A truly original twist to your standard restaurant, this branch has employed aspiring West End stars to serve as restaurant staff. Applicants had to enter and go through a truly rigorous audition process judged by professionals in the industry along with Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong and actor Helen George choosing who made the team to land themselves spots as waiters and waitresses.



Upon entry, appropriately so, was a red carpet and bouncers checking entrants were on the guest list for this exclusive event. Champagne was pouring and tasty Leon snack pots nibbled at whilst the future Velma Kellies and Marius Pontmercies sang top classic musical hits.


The Obscura was a hit (as always!) and found itself downstairs where excitable guests chose the tailored musical props for their pics and GIFs shared across social media.


If you find yourself strolling down the heart of the West End, do pop in!

Multi Location Timberland In-store Events

With Christmas a stone’s throw away, Timberland couldn’t help but gear up for the holidays making it personal with customised boots for every customer.

Timberland's in-house design team worked with The London Lightbox to design their sleek customised backdrop and printed photos to promote exposure for the 'Design your own' exclusive Timberland event.

The London lightbox Photo Booth Timberland Dublin

The original yellow boot became even more so when customers had the opportunity to have their purchased Timberland footwear monogrammed and branded with whatever took their fancy!

On a classically cold Brittish afternoon, passers by in London and way over in Dublin could not help but taking a second look into the buzzing Timberland stores.

Shopping at Timberland during the event was no ordinary trip; curiosity arose from the truly impressive DJ's live music, free laces on offer and balloon hand outs.

The 'Design your own' event all but confirmed humanities dependence on bass and that no one is ever too old for balloons! The simple act of buying socks during this event became a celebration and the Obscura was there to capture the entire phenomena.

Timberland’s Lumberjack interior design brought out the best in the Obscura’s classic Steel Skin. and upon realising what this ‘strange contraption’ could do people couldn’t resist returning to it.. Models were born, family year books expanded and one guy just really wanted to show off his socks! So many made sure they got not only their good side but their boots too!

Written by one our top reps- Mini Sindane


MOO: A Time After Paper

Prints... at a Paper Prohibition Party?!


This week was the 10th anniversary of Moo, one of our own favourite brands, and their party had perhaps one of the most original themes we have ever worked with; a post apocalyptic world, set ten years in the future, where paper is obsolete.

MOO, the designers & printers of original business cards and marketing materials, similar to The London Lightbox, base most of their success on their fine quality prints. So, at the no paper event, TLL broke the rules by offering instant and unlimited customised prints from the photo booth for all of the guests to enjoy and remember this awesome party!

And did the guests take us up on our offerings?! Oh yes they did! Check out the event stats:

 Moo's 10th Anniversary Party Stats with The Obscura Photo Booth from The London Lightbox

Our Obscura was hidden in it's own room, in the darkness taped with a 'Do Not Enter' sign, where guests curiously entered to find a room full of various sci-fi theme dress up props and, of course, the Obscura Photo Booth. Here's what the MOO team said about us:

Everyone loved the photobooth, it was great how helpful the guy was that operated the camera for the evening, please pass on our compliments as everyone thought he was very friendly and helpful.
— Jessica, Office Manager

The event was at the Old Central St Martins College in Holborn, a very atmospheric and suited venue creating a fusion of a speak easy/haunted house murder scene.

To find out more about MOO and their delightfully premium marketing click here.

Want an Obscura at your event?! Look no further, click the button below to get in touch and grab yourself an information pack!

#100Colours at the Goodwood Qatar Festival

The Qatar Goodwood Festival was an event where we used a whole host of our customisation options and amazing social media features: 

  • Integrated Hashtags,
  • Exclusive Competitions,
  • Branded Prints
  • Branded GIFs,
  • Integrated Client and User Twitter and Facebook,
  • The Tweet Wall

We teamed up with creative agency Hot Pickle, for the launch of Dove's 100 colours marketing campaign all based around ‘celebrating colour confidence style’ promoting the new 'Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant which is the first antiperspirant to leave no white marks on 100 different colours. Giving you the freedom to wear your brightest, boldest colours with confidence.' Think I need some of that freedom.

The Goodwood goers were invited to wear bright coloured hats from Dove's hat tree for their Obscura snaps. We had our GIF Photo Booth feature automatically turning the four photos taken into moving masterpieces. 


Beaus and belles arrived in their finest frocks and sleekest suits to the Obscura corner. Each guest ticked the social sharing disclaimer, and the images automatically uploaded onto the specified #100Colours campaign Twitter and Facebook feeds.  As if by sheer magic, each GIF was displayed on the huge Tweet Wall in front of the user!  *Lots of Laughs* 

But, that's not all... Along with the automatic Twitter and Facebook uploads, each user could upload their photo or GIF to their own personal walls, spreading the campaign through their connections - all with the fully customised Dove branding, captions and #hashtags applied. 


Along with all this, we promoted the competition to win one of five special dresses designed by Gok Wan from those trusty 100colours.  All the user had to do was email their photo or GIF to themselves and upload it to Instagram with the #100Colours hashtag. This, along with the amazingness our Instagram optimised GIFs from the photo booth, increased visibility and social buzz of the Dove #100 colours marketing campaign by 70%!

Searchable by the guests but also projected onto the giant screens at the goodwood event with the campaign texts. Guests giggled and GIF'ed enjoying the ease and rapid Obsucra features taking home joyous photos, a free and handy pocket size dove deodorant and some tasty jellybeans (what more could you want?).


I will certainly recommend your company!
— Marketing Manager, Dove

All in all the Obscura ended up being the highlight of many people's day (they said it, not us!)

Click here to find out more about the Goodwood Qatar Festival in Sussex.  

Bridal Beauties at the Charlie Brear sneak-peak 2017 collection

On the 17th May we set up the Obscura at the Charlie Brear showroom for the sneak-peak of the 2017 bridal collection. The impressive plethora of bridal outfits were stunning infusions inspired by a modern-take on cocktail wear and vintage bridal wear, with 'influences of Latin American culture and its many nuances'.

The exclusive preview took place at the truly special London flagship store, pocketed just off Tottenham Court Road. Upon entry guests were welcomed through the fairytale garden with Prosecco and Aperol Spritzes and sent upstairs. Murmurs of how impressive and beautiful the collection were, reverberated around the room as the gorgeous models stood sampling the equally gorgeous new collection.

The event was not just a presentation, but more of an experience, with complimentary massages and manicures taking place in the next room along with the entertainment of the Obscura.  Initially confused press came in expecting a big booth but were pleasantly surprised by the bespoke and original design that the Obsucra boasts, effortlessly printing and sharing their shots to the public. 

Check out the Charlie Brear's beautiful dresses at although, be warned, you may end up concluding that you need a few dress changes on the day #whydoyouhavetojustpickone!!


Thanks to all the Charlie Brear girls who made the event such a great experience and no doubt will help so many girls have their perfect dress for their big day.

By Francesca Serena Lawrence

Fairytales and Swedish heritage at H&M Studio A/W 16 Launch

The London Lightbox really is building a great portfolio of satisfied clients. Ten out of ten review this week from H&M. On Tuesday the 10th of May we were entertaining press and fashionistas at the beautiful H&M showroom in Oxford Street.  They chose simple, branded, four photo prints against a living wall backdrop to compliment their guests' experience.

 Swedish multinational retail-clothing company H&M were exclusively exhibiting their new autumn studio collection in London along with Copenhagen and Madrid. The collection was all about the strength and beauty of women and 'how they express that power through style', beautifully displayed in the showroom, embracing Swedish heritage and folklore.

The theme of the showroom was magical fairytale inspired, scattered with foliage and a beautiful silver birch in the middle of the room surrounded by the A/W '16 collection.  The Obscura fit right in with the alternative style of the showroom, and complimented the theme of the event, going against the norms, which is the Obscura is all about!


Find out more about the new H&M studio launch on the H&M website, watch videos of the studio catwalk live from paris, and read more about the collection and it's story. 

By Francesca Lawence

EA Games... Challenge everything

  Choice of four green screen backgrounds for the Obscura prints.

Choice of four green screen backgrounds for the Obscura prints.

On 6th of May we found ourselves in VUE cinema at Fulham Broadway to take part in the world premiere of the highly anticipated Battlefield video game produced by EA Games. Avid Battlefield fans, many coming internationally, queued up hours before the premiere exchanging their excitement, echoing whispers about 'squad communication, hardline weapons, and the best 1942 maps' (all a bit beyond me to be honest) but still always great to see smiles around the Obscura.

By Francesca Serena Lawrence

Similarly to Battlefield, perfection takes preparation, which is exactly what we at The London Lightbox had been doing to prepare for the world premiere. The EA team made a special request to have four backdrops that the superfans could chose from; city skylines, cloudy skies and stormy streets were all included as scenes that the fans could chose as a surrounding for their print to take home and share online.

With a pop up green screen and the crafty work of our pros at The London Lightbox,  we were able to incorporate the backgrounds given by EA games, to give the illusion of being in the Battlefield world, to heighten the World Premiere experience.

  You'd never guess the backdrops were superimposed from a green screen!!

You'd never guess the backdrops were superimposed from a green screen!!


The Obscura was in use in between screenings and not to toot our own horn, but it was definitely a hit in the VUE cinema. People queued up and marvelled at the futuristic Obscura boasting it's high quality photos, green screen technology and indisputably speedy printing. The queue slowly died down as the second screening started, Battlefield enthusiasts ran off to get into their seats, but all holding their Battlefield printed memorabilia, definitely ones for the fridge.  

By Francesca Serena Lawrence




It's all about the women

The London Lightbox Bellum Active Photo Booth

Last weekend fit brides, this weekend, fit women.  The London Lightbox was at it again, working with Bellum Active. This empowering event, Be:Fit, is Europe’s only health and fitness festival dedicated exclusively to women. All about bringing awareness to the importance of body confidence and women exercising.  ‘Taking over to equip women with the tools to ditch the fads and become healthier and happier’ over 10,000 women attended the three day festival in Islington’s beautiful Business Design centre, this colourful event included free classes run by experts in the field including several of our friends we’ve previously worked with such as Frame, Gymbox and #GirlGains. 




We had the pleasure of working with Bellum Active, a start-up founded by Jodi Kerschl who has created a premium range of stylish and functional sports and activewear so women can perform and look their best whilst working out (which is always a plus!).

The London Lightbox Bellum Active Rebound Be:FIT Photo booth



With the Obscura's integrated data collection extra, all the users had the chance of being entered into an exclusive Bellum Active promotion giving three lucky women the chance of winning a whole Bellum Active workout kit.  So we had many gorgeous girls entering the competition whilst making the most of the Obscura’s fun selfie taking abilities, sharing them to the world and taking a print home for themselves.  (And the data collected is invaluable for any business!)


Have a look at the Bellum Active website to see the collection and the official Be:Fit web page to find out more about how the 3 day event panned out. And check out our blog posts of Frame, Gymbox and  Girl Gains to take a trip down memory lane.


By Francesca Lawrence


#DEbruary Deep East Music

The London Lightbox Photo Booth Props
The London Lightbox Photobooth Prints

Brass bands, chicken and burgers, great DJs and an open bar are the Deep East secret formula for throwing parties, all in the the middle of Old Street's Magic Roundabout… and The London Lightbox was there to capture it all!



We had the best props, the best looking people and the best selfie taking machine - the Obscura (of course) - creating some downright amazing pictures! We've been informed many a fridge will be adorned with the memories.







The Obscura was clad in a Zinc Skin, adding an iridescent look to reflect the light production.  With Instagram and Facebook uploads galore. Check out all the photos taken on the Deep East Facebook

The London Lightbox Open Air Photo Booth