Bridal Beauties at the Charlie Brear sneak-peak 2017 collection

On the 17th May we set up the Obscura at the Charlie Brear showroom for the sneak-peak of the 2017 bridal collection. The impressive plethora of bridal outfits were stunning infusions inspired by a modern-take on cocktail wear and vintage bridal wear, with 'influences of Latin American culture and its many nuances'.

The exclusive preview took place at the truly special London flagship store, pocketed just off Tottenham Court Road. Upon entry guests were welcomed through the fairytale garden with Prosecco and Aperol Spritzes and sent upstairs. Murmurs of how impressive and beautiful the collection were, reverberated around the room as the gorgeous models stood sampling the equally gorgeous new collection.

The event was not just a presentation, but more of an experience, with complimentary massages and manicures taking place in the next room along with the entertainment of the Obscura.  Initially confused press came in expecting a big booth but were pleasantly surprised by the bespoke and original design that the Obsucra boasts, effortlessly printing and sharing their shots to the public. 

Check out the Charlie Brear's beautiful dresses at although, be warned, you may end up concluding that you need a few dress changes on the day #whydoyouhavetojustpickone!!


Thanks to all the Charlie Brear girls who made the event such a great experience and no doubt will help so many girls have their perfect dress for their big day.

By Francesca Serena Lawrence