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"Committed to perfection" master goldsmiths Queensmith love The London Lightbox here's what they wrote about us:


          The stress of wedding photography can be a lot to deal with - who should you trust to take the kind of images you want? And how do you avoid the cheesy, over-posed photos that a lot wedding photographers produce? Maybe you’ve got an event or party that you want to record, but want to add something personal to the photos. The London Lightbox is the trendy solution to all of those problems, allowing you to take control.


Imagine the novelty and nostalgia of having your very own photo booth at your celebration, but with a touch more sophistication than your usual passport-style snap - Kardashian style. We’ve all seen Kim et al documenting their every event with flawless black and white photo booth photography, and the LA-based photo booth Mirmir has since become popular with Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid along with the rest of Hollywood. The London Lightbox is the UK’s answer to the travelling photo booth available for hire, complete with cute styling and the ability to instantly share snaps on social media or print within 9 seconds. Based in Shoreditch, the lightbox is popular with millennial, alternative and stylish weddings. Why not hire the box for both your engagement party and wedding to build the ultimate photo album? A beautiful way to commemorate each guest. We also love the idea of guests printing off snaps to stick into the guest book with a note. 

With a team of architects, carpenters and steel engineers, the genius minds at The London Lightbox developed The Obscura, an easy moved, petite device to record the most picture perfect memories.

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The London Lightbox has been used at all the coolest events, hosted by Dior to Gucci, The Baftas to our favourite bridal wear brand Charlie Brear. The photobox may be in demand with some of the biggest names in fashion and lifestyle, but can also cater to private events including parties and weddings. So how does it work? The Obscura features a screen and camera - guests simply need to tap the screen for a three second countdown, and snap! The picture is taken. Requiring only 70cm squared of floor space, the petite box is perfect for small and crowded events. You can choose from a number of trendy skins to cover the box, including Piano Black Wood and Polished Copper, and the team are open to creating new skins for any event. Check out the EcoSkin - imitating moss and foliage, the skin is great for a garden party or summer wedding. What custom skin would we choose? Perhaps a diamond embellished finish or everyones favourite - rose gold! Another customisable feature is the graphics that accompany your print outs and the touch screen, that can be designed to suit the theme of your wedding day or party. 


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