Bellum Active

It's all about the women

The London Lightbox Bellum Active Photo Booth

Last weekend fit brides, this weekend, fit women.  The London Lightbox was at it again, working with Bellum Active. This empowering event, Be:Fit, is Europe’s only health and fitness festival dedicated exclusively to women. All about bringing awareness to the importance of body confidence and women exercising.  ‘Taking over to equip women with the tools to ditch the fads and become healthier and happier’ over 10,000 women attended the three day festival in Islington’s beautiful Business Design centre, this colourful event included free classes run by experts in the field including several of our friends we’ve previously worked with such as Frame, Gymbox and #GirlGains. 




We had the pleasure of working with Bellum Active, a start-up founded by Jodi Kerschl who has created a premium range of stylish and functional sports and activewear so women can perform and look their best whilst working out (which is always a plus!).

The London Lightbox Bellum Active Rebound Be:FIT Photo booth



With the Obscura's integrated data collection extra, all the users had the chance of being entered into an exclusive Bellum Active promotion giving three lucky women the chance of winning a whole Bellum Active workout kit.  So we had many gorgeous girls entering the competition whilst making the most of the Obscura’s fun selfie taking abilities, sharing them to the world and taking a print home for themselves.  (And the data collected is invaluable for any business!)


Have a look at the Bellum Active website to see the collection and the official Be:Fit web page to find out more about how the 3 day event panned out. And check out our blog posts of Frame, Gymbox and  Girl Gains to take a trip down memory lane.


By Francesca Lawrence