@MoveYourFrame King's Cross Launch Party

Working with the team from Frame was a brilliant event for the Obscura.  Frame's abundant knowledge, passion and laid back attitude are wildfire for urban fitness.  The launch party for their new King's Cross studios combined all their amazing attributes to create a great night. 


The Raw Steel Skin Obscura fitted right in there with their combination of bare breezeblock walls and bright paintwork.  A corridor of reception rooms filled with the fitness people who matter of London town meandering around the great food, coconut cocktails and coffee negronis, while perusing Frame's exclusive workout wear, lead to the final room housing the Obscura. As the night wore on, the more props came out. Dumbbells, sunvisors and gold leotards all made an appearance in the guests' photos taken by the Obscura. 

Good Times Only! @moveyourframe @thelondonlightbox #FrameKingsX #thelondonlightbox