Multi Location Timberland In-store Events

With Christmas a stone’s throw away, Timberland couldn’t help but gear up for the holidays making it personal with customised boots for every customer.

Timberland's in-house design team worked with The London Lightbox to design their sleek customised backdrop and printed photos to promote exposure for the 'Design your own' exclusive Timberland event.

The London lightbox Photo Booth Timberland Dublin

The original yellow boot became even more so when customers had the opportunity to have their purchased Timberland footwear monogrammed and branded with whatever took their fancy!

On a classically cold Brittish afternoon, passers by in London and way over in Dublin could not help but taking a second look into the buzzing Timberland stores.

Shopping at Timberland during the event was no ordinary trip; curiosity arose from the truly impressive DJ's live music, free laces on offer and balloon hand outs.

The 'Design your own' event all but confirmed humanities dependence on bass and that no one is ever too old for balloons! The simple act of buying socks during this event became a celebration and the Obscura was there to capture the entire phenomena.

Timberland’s Lumberjack interior design brought out the best in the Obscura’s classic Steel Skin. and upon realising what this ‘strange contraption’ could do people couldn’t resist returning to it.. Models were born, family year books expanded and one guy just really wanted to show off his socks! So many made sure they got not only their good side but their boots too!

Written by one our top reps- Mini Sindane