Fairytales and Swedish heritage at H&M Studio A/W 16 Launch

The London Lightbox really is building a great portfolio of satisfied clients. Ten out of ten review this week from H&M. On Tuesday the 10th of May we were entertaining press and fashionistas at the beautiful H&M showroom in Oxford Street.  They chose simple, branded, four photo prints against a living wall backdrop to compliment their guests' experience.

 Swedish multinational retail-clothing company H&M were exclusively exhibiting their new autumn studio collection in London along with Copenhagen and Madrid. The collection was all about the strength and beauty of women and 'how they express that power through style', beautifully displayed in the showroom, embracing Swedish heritage and folklore.

The theme of the showroom was magical fairytale inspired, scattered with foliage and a beautiful silver birch in the middle of the room surrounded by the A/W '16 collection.  The Obscura fit right in with the alternative style of the showroom, and complimented the theme of the event, going against the norms, which is the Obscura is all about!


Find out more about the new H&M studio launch on the H&M website, watch videos of the studio catwalk live from paris, and read more about the collection and it's story. 

By Francesca Lawence

EA Games... Challenge everything

Choice of four green screen backgrounds for the Obscura prints.

Choice of four green screen backgrounds for the Obscura prints.

On 6th of May we found ourselves in VUE cinema at Fulham Broadway to take part in the world premiere of the highly anticipated Battlefield video game produced by EA Games. Avid Battlefield fans, many coming internationally, queued up hours before the premiere exchanging their excitement, echoing whispers about 'squad communication, hardline weapons, and the best 1942 maps' (all a bit beyond me to be honest) but still always great to see smiles around the

Similarly to Battlefield, perfection takes preparation, which is exactly what we at The London Lightbox had been doing to prepare for the world premiere. The EA team made a special request to have four backdrops that the superfans could chose from; city skylines, cloudy skies and stormy streets were all included as scenes that the fans could chose as a surrounding for their print to take home and share online.

With a pop up green screen and the crafty work of our pros at The London Lightbox,  we were able to incorporate the backgrounds given by EA games, to give the illusion of being in the Battlefield world, to heighten the World Premiere experience.

You'd never guess the backdrops were superimposed from a green screen!!

You'd never guess the backdrops were superimposed from a green screen!!


The Obscura was in use in between screenings and not to toot our own horn, but it was definitely a hit in the VUE cinema. People queued up and marvelled at the futuristic Obscura boasting it's high quality photos, green screen technology and indisputably speedy printing. The queue slowly died down as the second screening started, Battlefield enthusiasts ran off to get into their seats, but all holding their Battlefield printed memorabilia, definitely ones for the fridge.  

By Francesca Serena Lawrence




It's all about the women

The London Lightbox Bellum Active Photo Booth

Last weekend fit brides, this weekend, fit women.  The London Lightbox was at it again, working with Bellum Active. This empowering event, Be:Fit, is Europe’s only health and fitness festival dedicated exclusively to women. All about bringing awareness to the importance of body confidence and women exercising.  ‘Taking over to equip women with the tools to ditch the fads and become healthier and happier’ over 10,000 women attended the three day festival in Islington’s beautiful Business Design centre, this colourful event included free classes run by experts in the field including several of our friends we’ve previously worked with such as Frame, Gymbox and #GirlGains. 




We had the pleasure of working with Bellum Active, a start-up founded by Jodi Kerschl who has created a premium range of stylish and functional sports and activewear so women can perform and look their best whilst working out (which is always a plus!).

The London Lightbox Bellum Active Rebound Be:FIT Photo booth



With the Obscura's integrated data collection extra, all the users had the chance of being entered into an exclusive Bellum Active promotion giving three lucky women the chance of winning a whole Bellum Active workout kit.  So we had many gorgeous girls entering the competition whilst making the most of the Obscura’s fun selfie taking abilities, sharing them to the world and taking a print home for themselves.  (And the data collected is invaluable for any business!)


Have a look at the Bellum Active website to see the collection and the official Be:Fit web page to find out more about how the 3 day event panned out. And check out our blog posts of Frame, Gymbox and  Girl Gains to take a trip down memory lane.


By Francesca Lawrence


#DEbruary Deep East Music

The London Lightbox Photo Booth Props
The London Lightbox Photobooth Prints

Brass bands, chicken and burgers, great DJs and an open bar are the Deep East secret formula for throwing parties, all in the the middle of Old Street's Magic Roundabout… and The London Lightbox was there to capture it all!



We had the best props, the best looking people and the best selfie taking machine - the Obscura (of course) - creating some downright amazing pictures! We've been informed many a fridge will be adorned with the memories.







The Obscura was clad in a Zinc Skin, adding an iridescent look to reflect the light production.  With Instagram and Facebook uploads galore. Check out all the photos taken on the Deep East Facebook

The London Lightbox Open Air Photo Booth

"You won't get Team ELLE to come to your party unless there's a photobooth"

The guys at Elle magazine wanted some fun for their party.  To get them to let their hair down you need: an awesome Shoreditch bar = Love's Company; a top band = The London Essentials; and of course the cherry on the cake: an Obscura from The London Lightbox. 

With their chosen overlay of a mock Elle cover, the girls and guys from the Hearst group really pulled out of the bag their best poses!  

A big CHEERS to Elle and we won't be letting them party without The London Lightbox ever again!

GymBox - The Nightmare Before Christmas Party


GymBox isn't afraid of throwing their own take on themed parties... This Christmas it was the stylised makeup and monochrome looks of Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas.  GymBox and The London Lightbox returned to their favorite East London space ‘The Laundry’, transforming its concrete basement into a grotty grotto, filled with candy covered drag queens and mulled madness.


The London Lightbox was given a corner of the concrete basement, a chesterfield sofa and Maxi More aka Mr/Mrs Claus to entice the party goes to take a few pictures.  No enticing was needed! With a queue for hours, everyone wanted their own prints and uploads.  To everyone's delight we captured all the naughty and nice madness happening in front of our Obscura. 

A night of immersive entertainment, live music and surprises around every corner, it was a night before Christmas not to be missed.

@ByWalski x @TheLondonLightbox Instagram Campaign

By Walski is the retail experience from XTreme Video, a French company that is the leader in extreme sports content distribution in Europe.  Attracting the artistic, fashionable and soulful side of those sports, the Redchurch Street store is a playground, stocking everything from action sports filming tech to handpicked clothing brands.

By Walski collaborated with The London Lightbox to promote their social media presence.  The team from By Walski devised an Instagram based competition for users to win a limited edition Rains bag.

The store’s visitors followed the social media and physical leads to The London Lightbox’s Obscura set up in the store.  The users followed the instructions to take the best picture, send it to their inbox direct from the Obscura and upload it to Instagram with the preset hashtags.


@EasternCurve Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

A meeting place for people and plants - the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden was created on a disused railway line. The team created an enchanting secret garden of overhanging trees, hidden alcoves with mismatched yet harmonious fire pits, chairs and bunting with flowing coffee, wine and beers. 


The London Lightbox, being able to morph its flagship product, The Obscura, into any location, created an EcoSkin.  Made from Sphagnum Moss, the one off skin turned heads wherever it traveled. When the EcoSkin Obscura arrived in situ at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, it fit straight in. 

The EcoSkin opened our minds.  The most modern event technology can be hidden inside the most ancient of plants to provide something beautiful for summer parties, weddings and product launches.  We are now working with florists to provide as simple or head turning 'EcoSkin' you want to create for any event.

@MoveYourFrame King's Cross Launch Party

Working with the team from Frame was a brilliant event for the Obscura.  Frame's abundant knowledge, passion and laid back attitude are wildfire for urban fitness.  The launch party for their new King's Cross studios combined all their amazing attributes to create a great night. 


The Raw Steel Skin Obscura fitted right in there with their combination of bare breezeblock walls and bright paintwork.  A corridor of reception rooms filled with the fitness people who matter of London town meandering around the great food, coconut cocktails and coffee negronis, while perusing Frame's exclusive workout wear, lead to the final room housing the Obscura. As the night wore on, the more props came out. Dumbbells, sunvisors and gold leotards all made an appearance in the guests' photos taken by the Obscura. 

Good Times Only! @moveyourframe @thelondonlightbox #FrameKingsX #thelondonlightbox