We've integrated the most influential social media platforms into the Obscura.


Take a picture, upload it. Simple. But behind the scenes we can set up any Obscura to:


  • Share images/GIFs taken on the users own social media


  • Automatically upload images taken to brand/client Facebook and Twitter feeds


  • Add campaign or brand hashtags to all uploads


  • User can email images and GIFs, complete with instructions and caption for Instagram uploads


  • Track campaign Obscura impact on social media


  • Collect data from your target market


  • Build simple surveys the users can answer while they're getting papped!

The Obscura allows you to create highly shareable content!


You set the share copy to include hashtags and @mentions to increase awareness of your campaign.


Make your event really stand out. Shoot for GIF's.

To truly appreciate the next generation of event tech, the GIF Obscura creates a moving picture from the photos taken at your event. 

The result is the digital version of a flip book, which can be set up to loop forever! 

This virtual flipbook is a GIF that can be sent to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or, to where the GIF really comes into its own, Instagram and Tumblr.  

The instant social media sharing capabilities of the Obscura allow your users to spread your event through their networks. 


The London Lightbox GIF Photo Booth Dove
Gym Box GIF photobooth The London Lightbox
MiPic IPR Fashion PR The London Lightbox

Each GIF can be overlaid with your unique designs, logos or text and integrated with your hashtags, so everyone will know where the GIF came from!

The London Lightbox Fashion Week Photobooth GIF
The London Lightbox Obscura GIF Saira Shoes